1 November 2018

About Us


During our holiday in Italy in 2013 we stumbled upon a wine tasting at winehouse Col Dovigo in Breganze. The ambience, friendliness, kind people and passion about their wine, touched us. During a tour of the vineyard underneath a setting sun, with puppies dancing around our feet and a good glass of wine, we experienced the real La Dolce Vita. We took home some bottles of win, thinking that wine usually tastes very differently at home than in Italy.

This turned out to be untrue because the wine was still great at home. Really great. Better yet, the next year we went back to Col Dovigo to get more wine. That wine was also still great at home. During our next, third, visit we asked Valentine, the granddaughter, why they did not export the win yet. We were convinced that there would also be demand for their wines in other European regions. Coincidentally (?), they were just thinking about this next step. The only they they needed was someone willing to take things slow, step by step, in this new adventure.

Not bothered by extensive knowledge of wine, but a great sense of knowing what we like ourselves, we embarked on this adventure. The rest is history…we are the proud importers of the Col Dovigo wines since 2016!

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Vino Tricolore
Patrick and Corina

Verduyn Motoren Ducati Specialist